About Blood Ravenns
Welcome to the Blood Ravenns. We are a social, progressive guild, that seeks to further enhance our gaming experience in SWTOR. To achieve this, we recruit both experienced and non-experienced players of all levels, which gives the experienced players an opportunity to assist the newer members in getting to the "end-game" level 55 status.

We seek to search out and destroy the Empire and its Allies, by completing OPs in story mode (SM), hard mode (HM), and nightmare modes (NiM). to be able to do this, each player seeks to earn the gear required to be an asset to any OP that they participate in.

We will be using Vent Chat ( strontium.typefrag.com port=5320 ) as our VoIp. It is required that all members of this guild be vent enabled. Even if you do not posess a mic, having vent allows the Raid Leaders (RL) the ability to pass instructions to the squad easier.

Again welcome the Blood Ravenns.

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