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re: New Updates for 2.7


Howdy all,

As we know, SWTOR new release of 2.7 is just around the corner, and I have added the NiM Dread Fortress to the quick links.

Please do take the time to read and watch the various videos provide there. It is also worthy to note, that gearing up for the new content is extremely advisable. Not just your toon but also your comp. Having a weak comp will not aide you in any fights. To date, the best comp out there by far is Treek. She can serve as either a tank or healer, and does both at the same time.

Treek needs a combination of gear, bolt-blaster, demolisher and combat medic gear. Augments are up to you. We all need to strive to have our toons well over 30k hp at level 55, since that can make a difference in a successful raid or an epic fail.  Being under-geared puts a tremendous strain on the healers as well as the rest of the party.

There is a lot of worth while information out there on gearing up, builds, and stats required, as well as information on getting the most out any class (role) you decide to play. Take the time and learn the rotation for all the skill trees, as with the new content of 2.7, I see where it can be an added benefit for someone needing to re-spec in-order to be more of an asset than a potential hindrance.

Well I have taken up enough of your valuable time, so as always happy hunting and my the force be with us all.





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