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re: A welcomed addition to the guild


Howdy all,

Wanted to take a few minuets and let you know about an added addition to our guild. He is Zul' (all of his toons begin with Zul'. He and I go back a couple of years in this game. We are 2 of the original 4 members of Nextus. e has joined us and will be my administrative chief. Reason you might ask, well he has more experience with working the web site than I, and because I fully trust him.

I have asked Zul' to aid me and the guild in polishing up our already awesome web page, and tweaking it a little to make it even better. As you might have noticed (if you are looking at the site more than once a month, that the rapid raid portion of the site is now fully working.

It is now required that if you wish to join in any raids that you simply click on the date of the raid found on the calendar and sign-up for event. Please include your role. This will speed up the time involved in looking for guild members to raid with, and if we need to PUG, it will make that process go smoother as well.

By signing up for raids/events, you will earn point for attendance, boss kills, staying the full length of the raid, etc.... These points will most likely be reviewed and tallied every quarter (4months) and a semi-valuable prize will be rewarded to  the member with the highest total.  We are still going to be a casual guild but we will now be moving forward to harder gaming content (HM 55 Ops)

Well, hope that this might clear up some questions any of you might have and in what direction the guild is going into.

As always, happy hunting, and may the force be with you always.



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